1830’s Cabin

Jim Carey's Retreat
According to the neighbors, who have been here over 200 years, my cabin was one of three built in the 1830s. One burnt down in the 1980’s, and the foundations of the other are still visible in the woods.

In 1999 I moved here, cleared a road back into the woods to the cabin, ran underground electric, put in a well, indoor plumbing, central air and a cell phone booster tower.

Inside the cabin has all the modern amenities, but from the outside it’s still 1830.

The cabin is also available for rent. The campground is the five acre park that I keep mowed around the cabin.

These are pictures of the cabin taken over the past few years, at different seasons. Click on the photos for larger images.


View from the back yard.

Flag day.

Sitting on the porch.

Wind chimes and gas lanterns.

Sitting on the porch, looking down the driveway.

Panorama view, standing on the front porch.

That’s the outdoor shower on the left center.

Approaching the cabin from the driveway.

Fall. That’s Scooter getting a drink.

What it looked like when I started.

What it looked like when I started.


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