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1830’s Cabin

According to the neighbors, who have been here over 200 years, my cabin was one of three built in the 1830s. One burnt down in the 1980’s, and the foundations of the other are still visible in the woods. In 1999 I moved here, cleared a road back into the woods to the cabin, ran underground electric, put in a well, indoor plumbing, central air and a cell phone booster tower. Inside the cabin has all the modern amenities, but

Campground Photos

As you can see from the aerial photo below, I keep about 5 acres around the cabin mowed like a park. Click on the photos for larger versions. Pitch your tent or park your RV anywhere you want. Looking toward the cabin. That’s Scooter coming to investigate. The fire circle. A foggy morning.

Trails & Clearings

There’s about a mile of trails around the property. We try to keep them clear and broad, for nice walks in the woods. Beckoning. Unexpected clearings along the trails. Some trails open into peaceful, private clearings. There’s an adventure down every new opening in the trees.